Friday, August 20, 2010

More Apologies

Yes, I owe more apologies. I'm not entirely sure how many people frequent this blog of ours, but I'm sure that the two of you have wondered what the heck happened. We were doing great with updates and all that jazz, then hit a little bit of writers block, then came back with a huge update and then dissappeared for a month or so.

The biggest deterant from blogging was the two weeks we spent in Mexico and then returning and having surgery and being out of it for two more weeks.

So, I'm sorry we've been lacking in the update department, but we are looking to rectify this and put together an update with the major things that are going on.

Such things will be; the prgnancy (currently in progress), our trip to Mexico to be a part of SERVE 2010, and my surgery.

OH!! And we bought a house!!!


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