Monday, June 28, 2010

Porter - A Collection

is is going to be a post dedicated to my dog, Porter. He is awesome. There's really not much more to say. I'll just have to show you.

Here is something new that he picked up. Since I haven't figured out out to embed my iPhone videos straight to the blog, I have snapshots that I'll be able to give you a play by play.

He sits next to me and I show him his favorite toy (the tennis ball). Then, I politely ask him to stay.

I chuck his ball to the opposite side of the play area. He stays.

He watches the ball fly away.

Then I wait for Porter to ask me if he can go get it. He has a way of speaking with his eyes.

After we stare at each other for a little bit. I release him to get the ball. And he wasts no time.

And he finds it and is on his way back.

Now he's ready for more.

What a cool dog.

Here are some other pictures that I've taken that continue in this theme of awesomeness.

Sticking with the idea that the tennis ball is his favorite toy ever, here are some shots of him just staring at it. Trying to will it into his mouth.

Liz bought him a tire. This is possibly the best dog toy ever.

These are just some other cool pictures I managed to catch.

I love this dog.


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