Monday, June 28, 2010

Prayer Requests - A Running Tally

I am going to try and keep a running list of all the prayer requests that we've posted on the blog so that they're all in one place. This will also allow for us to point out the answered prayers as well. It's always nice to see how God is specifically working in the lives of His creation.

The Pregnancy

As Liz moves through the stages of pregnancy, your prayers would be appreciated for continued strength and endurance during the sickness stages. Also for healthy development of the child that God is weaving together. I could also use prayers for being the father who has no clue what she's going through.

Jesse's Illness

I have been sick for quite a few months and recently found out that there is a small mass in my appendix. I have a consult this week for having my appendix taken out. Once they get it out, they'll be able to run proper tests on it to determine if there is anything else to worry about. Please pray that all goes according to the Lord's will.

Could you also pray for the scheduling of the final surgery. I am worried that they will need to take it out when I'm supposed to be on the Mexico mission trip with the youth or that they'll tell me that because of my appendix, I can't fly. That would be no bueno.


Could you continue to pray that the Lord's will becomes abundantly clear in this time of confusion surrounding the unspecified prayer request. God will know what you're referring to.

House Hunting

We are still in the process of finding a home. With a small salary, awesomely huge, gorgeous houses are hard to find. We've seem some ones that will work, but ultimately we want to purchase the house that God will be able to use most effectively.

We've placed an offer on one house that we found in Pacific, WA and we're just waiting to see if it's something that the bank is going to accept. The same day we placed our offer, we were told that someone had also just placed one. It's all up to God now.


On the 7th of July the youth group from Our Savior's Baptist Church will leave on a short term mission trip to El Florid (sp?), Mexico for two weeks. Please pray that the hearts and minds of our youth are softened to hear the voice of God and His call on their life, whether it be as a sender or as a goer.

Please also pray for safety and health as both of these can be easily affected during our stay.

Sick Friend

I'm not really sure how much information my friend wants out over the internet, but he needs some serious pray. He is very sick. Sicker than I am or that I expect to be. He is a very close friend and I am very worried about him. Please pray that his illness will be short lived and he would finally be free of this. I also ask you to pray that my friend would be listening to God during this time and that he would seek His face.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to pray through these things and lift them to our Savior. Liz and I love you very much.

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