Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Puppy Update

Quick update on the puppy.

First: We have decided that his name shall be Duke. Duke Michael Duckett. Thanks Sarah Paul for the suggestion. You win. :)

Second: Duke got really sick last week. He had contracted Parvo. Parvo is a super serious disease that affects puppies before they've received all of their vaccinations. Parvo is transmitted through fecal matter. we believe he contracted it from the "common pet area" at the condo. There are a lot of owners who were not picking up after their dogs. I've written a very stern note for these owners. However, it would not be very Jesus of me. Puppies that are diagnosed with Parvo are given a 50% chance of survival if it is caught soon enough. Essentially Parvo causes the dogs to die from dehydration. Duke was taken into the vet last Thursday morning and ended up staying the next two nights. It was a pretty tough time for us. As if we needed anymore things to land in our lap at one time. It's amazing how quickly something can grab a hold of your heart strings.

Third: Duke is doing great!! We got to bring him home Saturday evening. He's back to his normal hyper self and eating his food as though there are still 9 other puppies trying to steal it from him.

I don't have a picture of him from before his vet stay, but here is one the day before we took him in.

Oh, he's the brown lump in the shopping cart.


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  1. Parvo actually can affect any dog, young or old (as old as 14, in our experience), regardless of whether they've been vaccinated or not.