Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remodel - Kitchen

When Liz and I decided to buy this home, we were able to see it, not with actual eyes set in reality, but with remodel goggles on. We saw the home for what we want it to look like one day.

People always say how much work goes into buying a house. Up until recently, I hadn't really felt the same way. Sure there were a lot of papers to sign, but it wasn't that bad.

Then we moved in.

If we left everything the way we found it, we would be able to survive pretty well. It would have been a little smelly and quite outdated.

Well, I decided that I would rip everything out of the kitchen and get it ready to put in new cabinets and things. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. What I failed to realize is that everything I take out of the kitchen, needs to go somewhere. So, while I'm ripping things off the walls and moving appliances, I realize that they have to go somewhere. Now, our fridge and stove are hanging out in the living room and all of the broken cupboards (broken because it was just more fun) are in the dining room.

Time for some visuals. Kitchen as it was before we moved in.

And the kitchen as of Saturday.

Along with finding only what I hope is a greasy film on everything, I found a few things that are cause for concern.

Water damage.

I believe this looks like a fire hazard. This is what the oven hood was wired in to.

Needless to say, this isn't turning out to be as lemon squeezy as I thought. It's definitely going to be a slow process, but the results should be worth it. I just hope I don't burn the place down in the process.


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