Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ryan Joel Duckett

This morning was a great morning!

Liz had her 20 week doctor's appointment. This is the visit where the technician comes in and measures all of the baby's organs and bones and things. It was a longer than usual appointment, but totally worth it.

They had two monitors set up. One for the technician to work from, and then a larger screen next to the bed so that Liz could have an up close view of the child that she is carrying. It was quite amazing. Watching our child squirm away from the tech was simply great. To see something that contains part of your own genetic code, swimming around in there was almost enough to bring out a tear.

Then we came to this view:

The tech asked us if we had any guesses to the gender of the baby. We had no clue, besides some old wives tales that we'd heard. I must have looked away for a moment, because I had no idea what part of the body he had stopped on. I also had no idea he was zoomed in that close. (honestly, it's amazing what these techs can see. I saw clouds and some stuff that looked like cream of mushroom soup) He pointed out the bladder (the small black circle in the middle) and then, sure as day, there it was. Just to the left of the small black circle, looking like a party hat, was the defining characteristic of his gender!!


A while back we had decided on a names for both a boy and a girl. We are proud to say that you have just seen a picture of our son, Ryan Joel Duckett. Ryan comes from my middle name and Joel is the name of our brother.

What an exciting time!! Of course, now Liz will be surrounded by testosterone. But she will be what makes our existence at home smelling sweet, tasting terrific, and 37 tons better, just because she's the woman that she is. We're all a lucky bunch of guys over at the Duckett Camp.


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