Friday, August 20, 2010

7 Weeks Worth of Being Preggo Updates

The last time we updated this blog with preggo stuff, we were in the eleventh week and the baby was the size of a fig. It was just starting to move it's arms and legs around.

We are now at week 18 and there has been a lot of change. First a comparision picture for you. Here is Liz when she was at week 7.

Now we have a current picture of Liz at week 18.

Quite a difference and still just as cute as ever. And it's only going to keep going. Before I get into some of the fun things that we (mostly she) has been experiencing (enduring), let's take a quick trip down Development Lane and see all the different comparrisons our baby has gone through and how big it is now.

Week 12 - Lime

Week 13 - Medium Shrimp

Week 14 - Lemon

Week 15 - Apple

Week 16 - Avocado

Week 17 - Turnip (I appreciate the LOST reference, even though I'm sure it wasn't on purpose)

Week 18 - Bell Pepper

Now, I could make a joke about how this picture obviously represents what the gender of our baby will be, but I won't go there :)

We actually don't know what the sex of our child is yet. We assumed we were going to find out at our last doctor's appointment, but only ended up hearing the heartbeat. Which, don't get me wrong, is still pretty awesome. Here is a picture.

Probably one of the coolest things that has happened since the beginning of the pregnancy (excluding just how awesome and amazing our God is to construct an entire human being is such an itty bitty space) is that the animals seem to know. Samson does much more cuddling and the other day, Porter climbed right up on Liz's lap and cuddled with her belly. It was quite adorable.

He sat there for a while too. Just hanging out and watching TV. Other great things thta have happened is that Liz has been able to feel the baby moving around inside of her for a few weeks. Over the last week, I have actually begun to be able to feel some of the larger movements. It is definitely a wild experience for me, and even more wild and crazy for Liz. I'll never know what that feels like. Not that I'm advocating for some way to know. Liz is stronger than I am. This has been proven over the course of this prgnancy. I KNOW that I would not be able to do this. Especially considering the heartburn, sleepless nights, exhaustion, mood swings, and the stretching of all those muscles and ligaments. I'd be in constant tears. Liz is an amazingly strong woman. Our child is very lucky.

She bought me a book yesterday so that, while there's not much I can do now, I'll know what to do when the baby arrives.

I'm going to be one prepared daddy.

Prayer Request: We have our next doctor's appointment on the 31st of August. This will be where they examine all of the baby's organs and bones and just give the baby a throurough once over. (as long as the baby isn't being modest, we should also be able to find out the gender!!) Please join us in prayer that everything will go smoothly. And hopefully we'll have some great gender news for you.



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