Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The New Member

Friends and family, we'd like to introduce the newest member of our quickly growing family.

I'd tell you his name, but honestly, we haven't come up with anything we really love. So right now we just call him Puppy. Sometimes Liz calls him Baby but then I get really confused when I'm trying to figure out which baby just bit her or which baby is kicking. Seems easy, but I can be easily confused.

So if you have any suggestions for names, we'd love to hear them.

Here are some pretty adorable pics:

We really debated on when we should get him. We wanted to get him asap because, i mean, look how completely adorable he is, but we also wanted to wait until we finished moving. But we decided on the impulsive approach and picked him up from my parents house Saturday evening.

We figure that having the puppy will help Porter adjust to having something small around the house before the human baby comes. And, considering that Porter is going to lose a fair amount of attention, now he'll have someone to play with and talk behind our backs with. As much as we would have liked to say that getting the puppy was for Porter's benefit, Liz and I have sure learned a valuable lesson about whining and crying (sometimes screaming banshee style) in the middle of the night. Turns out that having this puppy now, is great practice for these to-be parents.

We had this great little rotation going on Sunday night where I would get up with the puppy, then Liz would. Then I would. Then Liz would. It worked out pretty perfectly, minus the not sleeping part. It's like we had this sixth sense about who's turn it was. Perfection. Turns out, it was not as smooth of a process as I realized. I guess Liz got up twice as many times as I did and I slept straight through the majority of the crying. I think Liz is more prepared for parenthood than I am.

Maybe we can just call him iPuppy, then upgrade him to iDog.

Even if sleeping has been better. This little guy sure is adorable. We're very happy.


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