Monday, May 24, 2010

View From the Keeper Box - Collison

All I'm going to say about this picture, is that they didn't score. I spent the rest of the game looking quite "gangsta", but I think that just helped my intimidation factor.

We had a great game against the Ninjas last night. We pretty much dominated with a score of 9-3, which helped put us at a 6-0 for this session. It also helped that the first game of our double header, against the Chilli Peppers, no-showed.

I don;t remember much from the game besides passing was great, Sarah scored 3 or 4, Tyson scored an handful, Travis got one, and I think Connor also headed one in. In any case, great teamwork and a fun time.

If any of you readers get a chance, our team, the Emerald City Smoothy FC, have games just about every Sunday evening and we'd love to have the support of some fans. Come check us out. We always play at the YMCA in Puyallup.

Come one. Come all.


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