Sunday, May 16, 2010

Murder on the Water

This last Saturday night, Tyson's girlfriend, Sara, treated him to a Murder Mystery Dinner aboard Argosy Cruise in Seattle. Liz and I had the joy of tagging along.

We really had a good time. The food was ok. And the murder mystery, itself, was also just alright. We were expecting quite a bit more drama and mystery. There were two deaths, so that was plenty of murder.

We had set Tyson up to be a suspect, but he really wasn't feeling comfortable having to stand in front of so many people, so I pretended to be Tyson and hammed it up the best way I know how. That part was pretty fun. All in all, it was a great evening, but mostly because of being able to hang out with each other. Below are a bunch of pictures that we took from the top of the ship.

Liz thought it would be funny to make a face while I was snapping pictures. Man, I love her.


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